Arrival at Dolphin Bay

Arrival at

Dolphin Bay

Arrival by Taxi

If you arranged your travel to the JTDB through us, the taxi will drive into the centre, wait to know which room/bungalow you are in and drop you off near the appropriate entrance. But don’t forget that you will need to pay the driver in cash (Thai Baht only).

Arrival in your own car

If you are coming by car, drive into the JTDB site and pull up outside the office (opposite the dining room doors). Once you know your room you can unpack your car. We ask you then to drive out the main gate, turn left and left again to drive up to our car park at the rear of the site. Please do not park on the road outside the JT centre!

Arrival at night

If you arrive at night time, the night guard will welcome you and give you a note and key for your room.


We ask you to complete the Covenant Foundation Membership form you will find in your bedroom. Please bring it, with your passports, to the office the day you arrive (if before 5pm) or by the following breakfast time. Like all hotels in Thailand we are required to advise the Thai Immigration authority within 24 hours of all non-Thai nationals staying at the Juniper Tree. Thanks.