How Does Payment work?

Please contact us for details of our suggested donation rates. Payment is usually made upon check out. We accept Thai Baht cash and Visa or MasterCard. Payment can also be made in advance through bank transfer. Contact us for bank details.

What about the weather?

There are 3 distinct seasons in Chiang Mai. The cool, dry season is from December-February with temperatures ranging from 15⁰C-33⁰C. The hot, dry season is from March-May with temperatures ranging from 20⁰C-35⁰C. The rainy season is from June-October/November with temperatures ranging from 22⁰C-32⁰C. Humidity is higher and rainfall builds up, peaking in September. The normal


The Juniper Tree Centers are not hotels or resorts.  Use of these facitilites are provided for our foundation members and associated workers.  There are no fees to use our facilities but a suggested donation will be provided upon receipt of a booking inquiry.


The daytime temperatures in Dolphin Bay are rarely below 30°C, with November to January being the cooler season and March to May the hottest (32 to 38°C - but feeling as if in the 40's). However, being beside the beach means that there is often a cooling breeze. The rainy season is from June to

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